Share the Love Rewards Program

Do you like being rewarded with cash and gifts?

Join our Share the Love Rewards Program to help fellow women CRUSH their social media game!

If you have dedicated blog readers that hang on your every word...

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How to Join our Share the Love Rewards Program:

    1. Register here. (Opens in a new window)

    2. Fill out your email address, full name and new password. You can also include relevant websites or social accounts, but this information isn't mandatory.

    3. Choose your payment method so we can send you money. Currently, all payments are sent via PayPal only.

    4. Your custom affiliate link is now available under the 'Info Page' tab to start generating your referrals.

      You'll earn 15% of the total order $ amount before taxes and shipping when someone uses your link to purchase The Content Planner.

      NOTE: You cannot earn 15% placing orders using your own affiliate link.
    5. Start promoting and sharing your link with your readers, followers and audience!

    6. To earn your FREE Content Planner, you'll automatically be shipped a planner (U.S residents only) once you successfully refer 4 people to purchase their own Content Planner using your affiliate link.

      If you're outside the U.S, you'll receive a free Content Planner if you successfully refer 7 planner purchases.

Our Share the Love Rewards Program is perfect for you if:

  • You're a blogger with tons of traffic who wants to post about The Content Planner and receive a percentage of sales through an affiliate link.

  • You want to vlog a review of The Content Planner on your beautiful YouTube channel and give a custom link to your subscribers.

  • You're an influencer with a mega Instagram following and want to generate income from your post about The Content Planner.

  • You're hosting an event and know all the #girlboss attendees will be interested in purchasing The Content Planner.

  • You're a network marketer part of an entire team of business women who use social media to reach their community.

  • You want to earn some extra income during the holiday season so you can buy yourself more gifts!

  • You want a FREE Content Planner by simply referring fellow women from your lovely network via an email link.

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